Moscow startup enables Russians to work online from home for leading companies

Moscow startup enables Russians to work online from home for leading companies

Workle, a Moscow-based startup, is developing an Internet platform that enables residents of Russia‘s regions to work for leading banks, insurance and tourism companies on a remote basis.

The award-winning startup has plans to serve up to 500,000 Russian residents this year – a five-fold increase from its 2012 results, said Vladimir Gorbunov, the CEO of Workle.

By visiting the website, users may select an occupation that interests them. Should they lack skills, they may obtain remote training, earn a certificate, and have access to an online workplace. The workplace relationships are official, including employment contracts and other procedures required by Russian law.

Not only does Workle plan to offer jobs from new companies and industries, it aims „to create new Internet-based professions,” Gorbunov said.

„Our short-term plans include the launch of new job opportunities in sales, along with new jobs serving modern telephony, such as call-center specialists, remote secretaries, telemarketing specialists, etc. Longer term, Workle will offer an online version of any employment that requires no physical labor or presence at a particular work site,” the young CEO explained.

„Last year, we linked all of Russias 83 regions to our project. Going forward, we want to transmit its successful Russian experience internationally as well. In late 2013, residents of the neighboring countries of the CIS will be able to work online. The next stage will be Workles entry in the Indian market,” Gorbunov concluded.

One of the early resident companies of Skolkovo, the state-sponsored innovation hub outside Moscow, Workle was backed last year by a $917,000 grant.